ANWE VIC STATE program (pdf)


Entry Terms and Conditions - 27th & 28th April 2019 - Oxley - Victoria


$120 Preliminary through to masters  / $90 Introductory and Lead Line 

1. By entering this competition you acknowledge that ANWEL rules apply, and you accept these rules.
2. The organising committee reserves the right to cancel any class or competition; divide any class; alter times; refuse any entry with or without stating the reason.
3. No refunds with out vet or doctor certificate - no refunds after closing date. Refunds incur a $20 admin fee.
4. Competitors may ride more than one horse - 1 nomination form per horse
5. Riders must have a current ANWE Rider Levy Number and be a member of an ANWEL club (see program for details)
6. Riders must present to gear check min 20 mins before their class. Gear check is required before each phase.

7. For information about event protests, horse abuse rules, social media policy etc - please refer to Equestrian Australia
8. See program for details regarding DOGS - NO DOGS  ALLOWED
9. Competitor numbers: All riders MUST provide their own number holder - the OC will allocate numbers on the draw
10. Neither the organising committee of this competition nor WENEV or ANWEL accepts any responsibility whatsoever for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, riders, ground spectators or any other person or property.
11. Day yards $10 per horse per night & Camping $15 each per vehicle  
Please Note:
By filling out and submitting this entry  you accept the Terms & Conditions  

** WENEV BANK ACCOUNT DIRECT DEBIT ENTRIES - BSB: 803070 Account number: 90520 - please use your name as reference and record your receipt number prior to entering below **

ANWE Rules


1 horse per entry - $120 Prelim - Masters / $90 Intro and Lead Line

WENEV - Entries Secretary