Working Equitation (WENEV), is a club located in North East Victoria. We are affiliated with Australian National Working Equitation - Victoria, insured under Equestrian Australia. Our club is committed to training and developing 4 Phase Working Equitation and caters for riders and horses from all backgrounds and abilities.


Phase 1: Working Dressage


Riders showcase the partnership and their level of training in a working dressage test conducted on a 40 x 20 metre dressage arena.

Phase 2 & 3: Ease of Handling


Riders negotiate a course of obstacles which replicate what they would encounter doing farm or stock work, or out on a ride. Phase 2 features manoeuvrability while phase 3 is a showcase of speed.

Phase 4: Team cattle yarding


Working Equitation features a unique cattle event which is something of a cross between cutting, drafting and team yarding. Riders work as a team of 4 to showcase the versatility of their horse.  

Australian WEQ Links & Info

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ANWE Victoria

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