WENEV Uniform guidelines for Competition and Training Days

These guidelines refer to clothing and gear that will be worn by our riders/members when training and competing.

Official club colours are light / cornflower blue shirt and navy vest or jacket and beige pants/jodhpurs. Attire and gear should be appropriate to your style of riding eg: dressage / western stockman.

  1. When representing WENEV at State, National and Inter-Club competitions: ALL riders need to wear the complete uniform - un mounted members are encouraged to wear the WENEV blue shirt.
  2. WENEV Club Competitions: ALL riders are encouraged to wear full uniform. 

  • Competitive grade riders: are encouraged to wear full uniform and MUST wear full uniform when representing WENEV at State, National and at another Clubs Competition.
  • Participant grade riders: can wear neat clean clothing matching your saddle style eg: western saddle - western attire, dressage saddle - dressage attire, WENEV uniform at WENEVS club competitions is encouraged but not compulsory, complete uniform when representing WENEV at State or at another Clubs competition is compulsory.

  1. Uniforms for training days are: casual safe attire - riders are encouraged to wear the WENEV blue shirt.


Must be WENEV club colours of either light blue or cornflower blue & must be embroidered with WENEV logo. Long or short sleeve acceptable. RB Sellars has at least 2 styles of shirts in those colours. Solid colour only, no patterns, stripes, etc. Blue Polo shirt or blue ruffled neck blouse also acceptable. 

Your 1st name may be embroidered on right front side of shirt if desired.

STOCK OR TIE: optional

Personal style to suit, as long as club colour range.

VEST/JACKET: optional depending on weather

Navy blue vest or jacket to be worn with club shirt. Minimal light blue trim/piping is acceptable. Logo is optional but preferred, on left side of vest /jacket.


Beige, cream, fawn, or similar light tan colour.


Must be either navy blue or light/cornflower blue with club logo displayed on one or both sides. No other sponsorship, product or branding to be displayed. Only certified breed logos to be displayed (ie ASH, AWHA). No other club or association logos to be displayed.


If ordering a sew-on badge from Border Lifting, indicate the colour of your pad or blanket and a patch of the appropriate contrasting colour will be made.

Sew-on patches should only be washed very occasionally to prolong life of patch.

Embroidered Patches can also be ordered for other clothing or accessories in club colours. 

Check with WENEV Uniform Officer Lanie to see what's doable.


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